by Mark Babatunde, at 01:07 pm, January 03, 2017, News

10 African Presidents Who Have Died in Office in the Last 10 Years

Photo Credit: Zambianeye

Photo Credit: Zambianeye

Michael Sata, Zambia

Michael Sata of Zambia, who died in 2014, is the most recent African president to have died in office. Sata, a long time opposition politician, was elected president in 2011. Before his victory, he had been a leading trade unionist and a member of parliament.

Following his win, Sata appeared increasingly unwell and rumors about his rapidly failing health spread across Zambia. His spokesmen insisted that he was in good health, but his continuous absence at major state functions and events served to heighten concerns about his well-being. Sata was 77 years old when he eventually died of an undisclosed illness in a United Kingdom hospital on October 28th, 2014. He had held the office of the president for just a little over four years.

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