by Acquelline.K. Wanjiru, at 11:53 am, January 17, 2017, Entertainment

10 Brilliant Contemporary Afrocentric Movies To Watch

As a self-proclaimed movie buff, I am always looking for a film to indulge in, but sometimes it can be quite frustrating because there is a lack of afro-centric movies that accurately, positively portray black, Africans as complex beings.

I am done with the criminal, maid, help narrative. I want to see movies that genuinely take into account what it means to live the complex, multi-dimensional black, African experience. There is a multitude of stories to tell, so why is it that criminals, maids, etc. is all that we tend to see?

We’re educated, knowledgeable, diverse, and above all flawed human beings. We deserve to be rightfully represented and portrayed. Below are movies I believe that do just that:

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