London-based Gambian Wins £4m National Lottery During Lunchbreak, Goes Back to Work Afterwards

Charles Ayitey June 03, 2016

A London-based Gambian pub worker struck it rich overnight when he won a £4 million prize in Britain’s national lottery. Amadou Gillen could not hold back his joy after winning straight sets from to scratchcards bought during his lunch break in Trowbridge,Wiltshire. The first win got him the modest sum£10, but the second card transformed his life instantly. The father-of-two revealed he was “screaming and dancing inside” when he realized how much he had won.

Many people may have thought Gillen would abandon his post at work upon landing such huge lottery, but in fact, he went back to work afterwards!

What will the Gambian now do with such a huge amount of money? According to the BBC, he has expressed interest in moving his family back in the Gambia into a four-bedroom apartment. He also plans to buy his very first car after successfully completing his driving test.

“I have never started lessons,” Gillen revealed in a recent interview. “I have had my provisional driving licence since 2009 but I have never been able to afford to have a car or lessons. At the moment I just want to get a simple Peugeot and then I will get a BMW X6. I want to start an intensive course by next week.”

Gillen’s daughter Takya expressed shock and elation when asked about her father’s lottery win:

“When my dad broke the news to me in Nandos I felt very happy inside and wanted to scream and shout, but obviously there were people around us, so I couldn’t. I’m very happy for him and can’t wait to see what life brings him in the future.”

Last Edited by:Deidre Gantt Updated: June 19, 2018


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