5 African civilizations that were as awesome as ancient Egypt

Mildred Europa Taylor June 29, 2018
Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: June 29, 2018

5 African civilizations that were as awesome as ancient Egypt

Nok sculpture

Nok Civilization

This was first discovered in 1928 when some unique terracotta artefacts were unearthed by tin miners in the southern part of Kaduna state in central Nigeria. Further research into the Nok showed that they may have been the first complex civilization in West Africa, existing from at least 900 BC until their disappearance in around 200 AD.

The Nok were believed to be very advanced, with a complex judicial system having classes of courts used for adjudicating civil and criminal cases.

They were also said to be advanced in metal works, forging spear points, small knives and bracelets. What stands out of their creations were their terracotta statues, which were largely people with elongated heads and hollow looking eyes.

Many theories have suggested that these unusual statues were used as charms to prevent illness and crop failure, while others believe that they stood for influentials who were worshipped by the people.

In 200 AD, the Nok population declined under mysterious circumstances. But some historians have attributed their disappearance to famine and climate change.


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