5 African creation stories you did not know about

Nduta Waweru June 29, 2018

5 African creation stories you did not know about

Egypt and the envisioning of humans

In Egypt there were a number of creation myths, depending on the residence of the people.

In Heliopolis,  the creation of the world and humans was the work of Atum.  Atum sneezed out Shu and spat Tefnut, two gods who later coupled to produce two other gods, Geb and Nut, who also coupled to give birth to four other gods: Osiris, Isis, Set and  Nephthys.

In the city of Memphis, Ptah is seen as the creator supreme. Ptah is the god of craftsmen and architects and as such, he is seen as having the ability to envision a finished product. This ability is believed to have resulted in the formation of humans.  According to the myth, an idea would appear in Ptah’s heart and he would give it life by naming it with his tongue.

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