5 African creation stories you did not know about

Nduta Waweru June 29, 2018

Photo: MediaMax

Gikuyu and his nine daughters

In Kikuyu mythology, Ngai is the supreme being, who lives atop Mt. Kenya.  He had a manservant, Gikuyu to whom he gave the world. As he was walking around looking at his creation, he took Gikuyu on top of Mt. Kenya and showed him a beautiful place called  Mukurwe wa Gathanga, where he could live.

On arrival, Gikuyu found a woman called Mumbi waiting for him. He married her and together they had nine daughters:  Wanjiru, Wambui, Wanjiku, Wangari, Waceera, Wakiuru, Waithira, Wairimu, Wangui.

When they came of age, Gikuyu went back to Ngai to ask him for husbands for his daughters.  According to the myth

Ngai said: Go, take a lamb and a kid. Kill these under the big mugumo tree near the homestead and the blood and the fat pour them on the trunk of the tree. Let the family make a big fire under the tree. The meat will burn as a sacrifice to Ngai or Gikuyu. When you take your wife and daughters home, go back alone to the mugumo tree. There you will find nine very handsome men who are willing to marry your daughters. Then your people will increase and multiply and fill all the land.”


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