5 African princes who were taken from their families by colonizers

William Kofi Nti – Ghana

His real name is Nana Kofi Ntim, son of (Asantehene) King Karikari who was the 10th ruler of the powerful Ashanti Kingdom in present-day Ghana. Like several royals in the Gold Coast (now Ghana) Prince Nana Kofi Ntim was sent to the UK to gain an education. He was sent to Barbados which had better weather conditions after the death of another Ashanti prince he embarked on the journey with. He was educated and later worked with the British army. He is most remembered for designing and leading in the construction of a Victorian-style building in 1883 on the hills to the west of Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago which was then used as a signal station for the port and army. Inspired by the designs from home in Africa and Britain, Prince Kofi Ntim was given the contract by the British to design the signal station which replaced parts of Fort George. Prince Ntim returned home later in life but resettled in England after inner conflicts he had with his people’s tradition and culture.


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