5 luxury golf courses in South Africa you should have on your bucket list

Ben Ebuka March 13, 2023
Photo via satop100courses.com

The origin of the ancient game of golf is unclear and much debated. However, the contemporary version of the game originated in Scotland in the 15th Century and has undergone several changes to arrive at what it is today. In this modern era, golf is mostly seen as a sport for the wealthy. Many opinions attribute it to several barriers, including the financial costs of entering the sport (high cost of golf facilities and equipment and club membership). More luxury elite golf clubs even require premium membership with more advantages, making them affordable only to wealthy individuals. Membership in some Clubs like The Links Fancourt Club in South Africa is exclusive to only a few selected persons based on invitation.

The nature of the play does not require much physical exertion and sweating like most sports, making it a fun and attractive game that appeals more to wealthy individuals. Golf is more predominant in South Africa than in any other African country and is one of the popular recreational sports for wealthy South Africans. South Africa is home to some of the best and top-rated golf courses in Africa and the leading golf courses in the world, which are mostly located in luxury parks, resorts, and estates because the game is positioned more as an activity for the super-wealthy class.

Highlighting the luxury and beauty of some golf courses in South Africa, these five destinations were carefully selected based on the following ratings criteria;

  • Condition and maintenance of the course
  • Location, appealing views, and scenery
  • Environmental awareness
  • Golfing facilities and other non-golfing facilities

Last Edited by:Annie-Flora Mills Updated: March 13, 2023


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