6 of Africa’s deadliest massacres that have gone unpunished

Farida Dawkins August 06, 2018
Photo taken at South Africa's Sharpeville Massacre

There are many injustices that have occurred in African history and have garnered worldwide attention, yet there has been no accountability.

Throughout history, Africans and African-Americans have experienced many atrocities and have been punished instead of vindicated. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade is a prime example.

The slave trade was estimated to transport 10 to 12 million African slaves. The Atlantic passage involved the transporting of slaves initially by foot then aboard overcrowded and unsanitary ships; an estimated 10 to 15 per cent of slaves perished before reaching their destination. Those that did reach America alive were treated inhumanely.  No punishment was ever rendered for the gross treatment of slaves.

Even today, Africans and African-Americans are murdered at alarming rates without prosecutions of the perpetrators.

Scroll through to learn about six of Africa’s deadliest massacres that have gone unpunished:

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