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6 popular authors who have used African folktales to write fantasy novels

Bestselling Author Tomi Adeyemi. Pic credit: Blavity

After centuries of fairy-godmothers and flying ponies, people of African descent who are lovers of written literature can now read stories with characters just like them in settings they can relate to.

The folktales of Africa are rich in every aspect and have endured and stayed available and relevant to this day. A prime example is the fable of Kweku Ananse, which is native to the Akans of West Africa; a fable which survived the Europeanization of the African society and managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean with the slaves and is carried on today by their descendants.

The story of Kweku Ananse has been adapted into many forms over the years by various authors. But it is not the only folktale giving inspiration to writers.

Recent years have seen the African fantasy genre rise to prominence in young adult literature. These are stories that draw inspiration from African traditions, myths, folklore and fables. Africans and people of African descent now have the chance to experience fantasy from an African perspective from authors who share the same heritage with them.

There are a lot of writers of the genre doing remarkable work and they need to be celebrated. Here is an unordered list of a few of such writers:

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