Game, set, brand: 7 notable brands represented by Serena Williams, one of the most sought-after celebrity endorsers

FACE2FACE AFRICA April 26, 2023
Serena Williams in a Super Bowl ad for Tonal. Source: Tonal

Serena Williams is not just a tennis superstar and sports icon; she is also a well-known figure in the world of brand endorsements. With a career spanning over two decades, Serena has partnered with numerous global brands across various industries, and has earned millions of dollars throughout her career both on and off the court.

According to Forbes, in 2021, Serena earned $34 million, with $32 million of that coming from endorsements and business ventures. From sports apparel to luxury cars and watches, Serena has represented some of the biggest names in the business, making her one of the world’s most sought-after celebrity endorsers.

Through her partnerships with these notable brands, Serena Williams has been able to extend her influence beyond the tennis court and into the worlds of fashion, finance, and technology. By aligning herself with these companies, she has been able to create a personal brand that reflects her values and her passion for empowering others.

Here, we take a look at seven of the most notable brands that Serena Williams has represented throughout her career:

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