75-year-old cancer survivor runs 100-meter race in under 14 seconds

Dollita Okine July 13, 2023
Allie is working even harder to break the over-70 world record for 100 meters at the master's national championships in Ames, Iowa, this August. Photo Credit: Sports Masters

Charles Allie, a 75-year-old cancer survivor, has gone viral for finishing a 100-meter sprint in less than 14 seconds. He sailed around the track in 13.96 seconds at the 2023 Penn Relays; a time that some younger people could not even match. He has inspired athletes of all eras with his ground-breaking achievements in the world of track and field.

Allie discussed his battle with cancer in 2021 and the first half of 2022 in a 2022 interview with Sportsmasters.

The record-breaking master sprinter encountered an unexpected adversary in prostate cancer. Unfazed by the prognosis, he bravely underwent radiation therapy, his unwavering attitude illuminating a path to recovery. This did not stop him from planning a significant comeback in the senior track world for 2023.

When the tenacious athlete returned to the track, he astounded everyone by outlasting the odds and impressing everyone with each sprint. The cancer survivor said, “I’m looking at setting some world records.”

Track and field is nothing new to the 75-year-old. In 2013, he was given the International Association of Athletics Federations’ Male Masters Athlete of the Year award by Olympic sprinter, Usain Bolt.

He stunned onlookers when he broke his own 400-meter age group world record last year while competing in Spain. Allie sped past the finish line in a stunning display of athleticism, finishing in an astounding 57.26 seconds.

He kept his gaze fixed on a future that held countless opportunities as the days went by. His heart was filled with a newfound sense of purpose when he learned that his hometown of Pittsburgh will host the upcoming National Senior Games in 2023.

He intends to win the 100, 200, and 400-meter races by displaying an amazing fusion of strength and speed. He soared across the finish line in the Master’s Men’s 75 and older 100m race at the Penn Relays, clocking an astounding 13.96 seconds as proof of his unmatched prowess.

He is working even harder to break the over-70 world record for 100 meters at the master’s national championships in Ames, Iowa, this August, according to Essentially Sports.

Though some may view Allie as a superhero, others also point out that staying active is crucial for aging well and enjoying one’s golden years. Therefore, those who struggle to participate in daily track and field competitions can maintain good mobility.

Allie’s inspirational tale serves as evidence of unwavering resolve and the triumph of the human spirit.

Last Edited by:Annie-Flora Mills Updated: July 13, 2023


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