A look at the Mothers of African Music this Mother’s Day

Nathalie Mensah May 13, 2019

Brenda Faisse aka Queen of African Pop

South African singer-songwriter, Brenda Faisse also known as MaBrr was well-known for her aggressive fearlessness and confidence in staying true to herself amidst opposition. As South Africa’s first major pop star, her versatile and distinct voice was able to fit in pop, R&B, and dance genres. Her work began taking a more political turn due to growing tensions of the apartheid era and the release of Nelson Mandela after his 27 year prison sentence in 1990. She progressively began incorporating more South African based sounds in her music and incorporated her native languages of Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho as opposed to the English she used previously. Her career spanning 20+ years was filled with a strong sense of rebellion and hope for South Africa.

Known for: “Weekend Special”, “Black President”, and “Vulindelela”


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