ABIAH Releases New Video/Song “SORRY” To Inspire Conversations on “The Word That Rights The Wrong”

F2FA October 26, 2015

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Madoh Music Group​, an indie record label founded by singer/songwriter ABIAH created to inspire and celebrate the passion and creativity of authentic artists released ​”Sorry” ​on ​Friday, October 23, 2015 ​on iTunes and YouTube. Refreshing, vivid and cool, the song heralds the modern day artist as a cultural icon. ABIAH is positioning himself as a brand with positive impact. The song ​”Sorry​embraces the qualities of today’s relationships and seeks to address the mantra being “one simple word will right the wrong”.

Making quality music is the artist’s main objective. ABIAH, who is of Ghanaian, Cuban, and African-American descent,  is the renaissance artist rarely seen these days. A former opera singer turned major recording artist, he has been releasing a series of records over the last 10 years. His debut album under the moniker “Jeremiah” was released on the Universal Republic label and garnered acclaim for its diversity and introduced the world to the talent that is ABIAH.

After worldwide touring and much support from VH1 Soul, BET J and radio, ABIAH all but disappeared from the recording business. During his absence, he established a niche for himself as a celebrity vocal coach, working with artists of various levels and t.v. show hopefuls as well as being featured on MTV and BET. Deciding to go Indie, ABIAH established Madoh Music Group and returned six years later with Grammy award winning producer & ​Blue Note​artist ​Robert Glasper,​ on his sophomore album, “Life As A Ballad” and rebranding himself ​ABIAH​ (his surname).

Life As A Ballad debuted #20 on Billboard which also became the #2 album in Japan. Subsequent releases of LAAB in Taiwan and Hong Kong were also major hits. Realizing that his brand was reaching shores far beyond the U.S., ​ABIAH began touring again and reaching new audiences to foster a movement that promotes real artistry and a return to great songs.

On the eve of his third album ​”BOTTLES” ​and best work yet, ​ABIAH​ returns with first single and video ​Sorry​ to help catapult new listeners to his sound while reminding his fans of what they love the most. His growth as an artist and person are easily digested through this simple song and vivid video.

Sorry​ is currently available on ​iTunes​ and ​Apple Music​ amongst other music platforms and the video is streaming now on ​YouTube​.

For more information ​about ABIAH and the Madoh Music Group, visit ​www.abiahmusic.com.

Last Edited by:Sandra Appiah Updated: November 2, 2015


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