Actress Julia Fox reveals she lost a million-dollar deal for breaking up with Kanye West

Stephen Nartey October 12, 2023
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Actress Julia Fox has said that dating rapper Kanye West has been both a blessing as well as a nightmare. She revealed that she lost a profitable contract with a fashion brand after separating from West.

In her memoir “Down the Drain”, Fox revealed that the rapper assisted her in landing a million-dollar deal with an Italian denim brand. Fox continued that West proposed the two of them working together during the early days of their relationship in January 2022.

Though in her memoir she referred to West as “The Artist,”  she recalled that he vowed to help her secure a million-dollar deal, according to the Daily Mail.

“The next day, he puts me in touch with an Italian denim company and they start negotiating on my behalf,” she writes in the book. “I can’t believe this is my life, but I can definitely get used to it,” she continues. Fox and West made headlines during Paris Couture Week in January 2022 when they donned matching denim outfits.

However, their subsequent breakup led to the abrogation of their deal, with Fox revealing that as soon as she instructed her publicist to announce their separation, she discovered the collaboration was no longer in the works. She said she was told that no relationship with West meant no deal with denim.

In the memoir, Fox shared surprising details about her short-lived romance with West in early 2022. She recounted that one time during a game of Uno, West offered to pay for her breast augmentation. This unexpected proposal occurred while the two were spending time together in a hotel room.

During a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, the actress said she initially felt a strong connection and believed in the potential of their pairing, but, revealed that West’s treatment of her fell short of her expectations. According to her, the rapper made her feel like she was being manipulated.

She also disclosed that her association with West had affected her career opportunities because there were certain opportunities and things she was barred from doing while dating West.

She emphasized that she didn’t place too much importance on her relationship with West, despite the intense media scrutiny it received. She claimed the relationship was not as significant to her as it seemed to be to others.

However, following her breakup with the rapper, Fox said she decided to take a break from dating and currently doesn’t see the value in pursuing romantic relationships. She believes the idealized notion of men in relationships no longer holds true for her.

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