Adorable toddler newscaster wows the internet with this important message for her parents

Dollita Okine March 13, 2024
Thessa is now 5 and remains an inquisitive and chatty girl who doesn't hold back when it comes to her future aspirations. Photo Credit: Instagram, anthessa2018

Thessa’s charming news delivery stunned the internet. Her mother, Lucienne Doho-Owusu posted a video of her on Instagram about three years ago, in which she was seen pretending to deliver the news while seated inside a cardboard cutout of a homemade TV called “Thessa TV.”

Even though Thessa is now five years old, her proud mother reposted the video on social media recently with the caption, “She wasn’t even 2 yet. She still had 3 months to go.” Since then, the video has gone viral, receiving hundreds of comments and thousands of views.

In the video, the then-2-year-old could be heard saying, “Hello, welcome to Thessa TV. The electricity has gone!”

Doho-Owusu told GMA that she had merely filmed her daughter’s amusing antics, as she always does, but Thessa insisted on being in front of the camera that day.

“We were at home and … it was a really bad weather day. The light went off, She said, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to talk about this. I have to tell people about this, that the light went off. She said ‘Daddy, I need to get on TV to tell people,” she recounted.

The mother of three revealed that her kindergarten-aged daughter Thessa is an inquisitive and chatty girl who doesn’t hold back when it comes to her future aspirations.

“She’ll tell you she wants to be something [based on] how she feels that day and then she will change her mind and want to be something else,” Doho-Owusu said.

Netizens loved the video, supporting the toddler with comments such as, “This child needs to be signed up by a news agency NOW,” “My favorite news channel,” and “What time and channel does Thessa TV come on?! “I’m watching every day!”

Thessa has acquired a growing following on social media. Her mother provides constant updates on her playful activities, including the most recent assessment of Thessa’s reaction to “stranger danger,” which the young child passed with flying colors.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: March 13, 2024


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