AFCON 2023: This is the barber who left London for Abidjan to keep Nigerian players looking sharp

Stephen Nartey February 07, 2024
Nnamdi is behind the look of many of the players. Photo: Screenshot via BBC

The Nigerian Super Eagles have been basking in glory after they thrashed Angola to reach the semis of the African Cup of Nations. The team came under public backlash following its earlier performance in the games. But, faith seems to have been restored in the team ahead of their game on Wednesday with South Africa.

One minor but critical aspect of the performance of the players which is often overlooked is their appearance. One person who has been behind the look of many of the players is Nnamdi or N1 FAdes. He is responsible for the trimming of the hair of the players before every game. According to him, he flew from London to Abidjan to ensure Nigerian players look fresh at the AFCON tournament.

He asserted that he is responsible for the fine look of many Nigerian players. “Without me, your favorite footballer won’t be looking as sharp as he is on the pitch.”

He explained that he used to trim the hair of Alex Iwobi, back in London. But, when the bigger opportunity presented itself, he decided to join him in Abidjan, as reported by the BBC.

He believed that he saw a high chance of getting the opportunity to barber many football stars. He explained that it’s like the domino effect, “where when you trim one player, another wants to give you the chance.”

Nnamdi touched on the observation he has made of many players over time. “I would say there is a trendy fade, like the mid-skin fade everyone seems to be getting. Everyone seems to be growing out their heads from locs to twists.”

He said the players, like any customer that visits the barber shop, tend to sleep when it’s time for the shape-up time.

Still, he feels delighted in helping the players feel good about themselves while bolstering their self-confidence on the field.

“All the guys I trimmed the last game, they were linked up to play for the winning goal. I take the credit if they want to give me any,” he added.

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