Africa is home to the world’s most committed Christians and these countries have them all

Francis Akhalbey January 23, 2019
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There’s no doubt Christianity is one of the most widely practiced religions in Africa.

Over the centuries since colonial masters introduced the Western European form of Christianity to Africa, it has been embraced by Africans all over the continent.

Though the religion’s influence, as well as the level of commitment, differs across continents, Africa has one of the highest levels of committed and devout Christians. This comes as no surprise as this always manifests in the way of life and behaviours of worshippers on the continent.

Before sharing the metrics for Africa, let’s analyze the commitment levels of Christians in some popular countries outside Africa.

In a research conducted by the Pew Research Center, which analyzed 84 countries that have large Christian inhabitants, believers in the following non-African countries admit Christianity is very important in their lives:

North America

  • United States: 68%
  • Canada: 39%
  • Mexico: 48%

Christians in Latin America, according to the research, are also as religious as their African counterparts. Take a look at the figures below:

  • Brazil: 77%
  • Argentina: 48%
  • Chile: 48%
  • Bolivia: 73%
  • Peru: 74%
  • Ecuador: 80%
  • Colombia: 80%
  • Honduras: 94%

In Africa, the sub-Saharan region has the highest level of committed Christians. Below is a detailed infographic of the results from the study:

Africa is home to the world's most committed Christians and these countries have them all
Source: Pew Research Center Surveys

Below is the ranking of African countries with the most committed Christians as highlighted by the report:

  1. Ethiopia: 98%
  2. Ghana: 89%
  3. Nigeria: 82%
  4. South Africa: 72%
  5. Egypt: 50%

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