Africa Trekking Forward At A Different Pace

Sandra Appiah May 01, 2011

By: Vitjitua Ndjiharine

Wrecked by disease, corrupt governments, greedy colonialists, and poverty stricken, Africa has been cast in the shadows, categorized as the least developed in the undeveloped world.

Yet the past decade has seen great improvements in Africa. It has seen Africa trekking forward to catch up with the developed world; moving forward with the times, adapting, changing and developing to become part of an advancing global community. With its abundance of natural resources (a curse and a blessing), it is without a doubt that the continent is making progress.

While some have been struggling to carve out an existence, subsisting on what ever they can find, others have emerged from the depths of poverty to monopolize these resources and generate enormous amounts of wealth for themselves and for their individual countries. recently published an article titled “The 20 most Powerful People in African Business," which profiles very wealthy and very influential businessmen from the continent. They are natives of Africa who are players in regional and global economic affairs.

The list includes South African Nicky Oppenheimer, Chairman of De Beers Group, South Africa’s first and only black billionaire Patrice Motsepe, Chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, Nigerian native Aliko Dangote, President of Dagote Group, and Ghanaian Sam Jonah, Chairman of Jonah Capital.

Of course individual countries cannot be lumped together as one; the list is indicative of the development and progress Africa has made and where such progress and development has yet to occur (for example, there are no women on this list, Africa has powerful businesswomen, but of course they take a backseat to the men).

Some countries have been a leading example, marching forward, shaking off the negative reputation that has been imposed on all African countries. These are countries like South Africa, with more than 5 businessmen on the list, Nigeria and Kenya.

The divide between the nations of the world (developed vs. undeveloped) however,  undermines the improvements made by many African countries. It seems as though development is a pinnacle that nations race towards. Those who are unable to climb it face being labeled as backward despite the progress they may have made.

This Forbes list is a great indication of Africa’s growth. So instead of seeing Africa as wrecked by disease and corruption or undeveloped, it is time to see the progression on a scale that does not compare Africa to the “developed” world but rather see it as a great continent that is overcoming and trekking forward at a different pace, with emerging businessmen (and women) who are making noise domestically as well as internationally.

Africa Trekking Forward At A Different Pace

Patrice Motsepe- South Africa’s only black Billionaire

Africa Trekking Forward At A Different Pace

Nicky Oppenheimer- Chairman of De Beers Diamond Mining Company

Africa Trekking Forward At A Different Pace

Aliko Dangote- President of Dangote Group

Africa Trekking Forward At A Different Pace

 Sam Jonah- Chairman of Jonah Capital

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