African leaders whose fatal torture is still shrouded in mystery and secrecy

Etsey Atisu June 27, 2019
Thomas Sankara with Libya's Muamar Al Gathafi/Pan-African News Wire

Many African leaders provoked the anger of their people after meting out inhumane treatments resulting in fatal reactions that ended their notoriety. Others were killed with the help of imperialists due to unpopular decisions and policies they adopted that affected their countries in one way or another.

The death of some of these leaders was marked by extreme violence as they went through series of torture of many forms by their captors, sponsors, or in the case of military overturns, soldiers, purportedly on behalf of the people.

Leaders such as Muammar Al Gaddafi of Libya, William R. Tolbert and Samuel Doe, both of Liberia, Muhammed Anwar el Sadat of Egypt, easily come to mind when the subject of torture on African leaders have been mentioned.

For these people, their capture and the brutalities they went through leading to their deaths or even assassinations were recorded on video.

However, not much of video evidence is available on the substantial depths of torture these two African leaders went through, and till date, the actual accounts of their death remain masked in mysteries and deep secrets.  

Last Edited by:Victor Ativie Updated: May 27, 2020


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