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Africa’s highest pub sits comfortably between two countries [Photos]

Nduta Waweru December 10, 2018 at 02:00 pm

December 10, 2018 at 02:00 pm | We Tour

Photo: BookMundi

What would it feel like to have a drink or two at the highest point in Africa?

Well, the Highest Pub in Africa, up in the Drakensberg range, offers you the perfect chance.

Located at the boundary of Lesotho and South Africa, the aptly-named pub sits 2874m above sea level. It is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site and arguably, one of Africa’s best-kept secrets.

To get to the pub itself is a whole different experience. You will need a four-wheel drive to navigate the tricky Sani Pass that will take you through twists and turns. But worry not, you will be rewarded with a sumptuous meal and a drink for the effort.

The pass was apparently developed in 1913 as a bridle path, primarily used as a trade route between South Africa’s Underberg in KwaZulu Natal and Lesotho’s Mokhotlong.

“All goods were carried by pack mule.  The drivers usually had spare mules on hand to replace any that they’d push over the edge after shifting their loads to the reserves. In those early days Sani was easily identifiable from afar because of the vultures and Lammergeiers that circled above awaiting their next meal,” the Sani Mountain Lodge, which houses the Highest Pub in Africa, states.

Part of road has now been tarred, making the journey less perilous, but offering the same exhilarating journey and wonderful views.

Here are some photos.

Photo: Wiki CC


Photo: Wiki CC


Photo: Wiki CC


Photo: Wiki CC


Photo: sanimountain


Photo: Sani Mountain Lodge


Photo: BookMundi



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