After battling cancer, she created a haircare line that went from making $30K a year to $30K a month

Abu Mubarik October 20, 2021
Tanieka Randall (Image: Tee's Hair Secret)

Tanieka Randall was on her way to becoming a registered nurse in 2011 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent five rounds of chemotherapy which took a heavy toll on her body. Aside from losing weight, her hair started falling out.

“It was crazy even looking back how I was basically withering away and of course my hair started falling out,” Randall told Click2Houston.

According to her, she had a harder time losing her hair than she actually had with having cancer. She had strong faith that she was not going to die but her problem was with her hair falling out. Randall took measures to combat her hair loss during her time in the hospital.

She relied on a hair oil she blended herself and applied on her scalp with the hope that it will promote healthy regrowth of her hair.

“I’ve really always loved researching essential oils and everything. I would make my own blends with like peppermint oil, lavender oil, all of that. I had been using it on my hair for about a year even before getting sick,” said Randall.

The oil worked magic on her and soon, her family and friends also noticed the regrowth. “Everybody was like, ‘Tee, what is your secret? What is going on with your hair,’” said Randall. “I started giving it to other people, or like telling my mom or all these people, ‘This is what I’m doing. Try it out,’ and other people were liking it too.”

According to Click2Houston, Randall went on to complete her nursing degree and became an RN full-time. While working as a full-time nurse, she was also creating and sharing hair products on the side.

Her haircare business, Tee’s Hair Secret, turned out to be a massive success by November 2020, compelling Randall to take it on as a full-time business. She said in an interview that in 2019, she made $30K for the year. Then in 2020, after mental shifts, website updates, and investing in herself, she was able to grow to that amount on average monthly in the middle of a pandemic.

“Me having cancer, I know it wasn’t even about me. Like, I feel that in my heart. I went through that so I could help other people,” said Randall.

Click2Houston notes that her line of hair care products is geared towards women with “kinky, curly or coily hair” and includes everything from conditioners to gummy vitamins.

In a post on Instagram, Randall expressed her delight about being a proud Black business owner promoting healthy hair.

“Proud to be a black, family owned business on a journey to grow healthier hair and being healthier overall! We are so passionate about offering our customers quality products without all the extra junk,” she noted.

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