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BY Francis Akhalbey, 12:30pm July 27, 2021,

After suffering miscarriages, these three cousins are all due to give birth to twins in the same month

Cousins Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper and Janeshia Wilson are all expecting twins in the same month -- Photo via WBLT

In what can be described as a very wholesome coincidence, three cousins are each set to give birth to twins in the same month and in the space of days. And what makes this story extra exhilarating is that the expectant mothers, namely Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper, and Janeshia Wilson, are all going to have rainbow babies.

In an interview on WLBT, the women, who are related by way of a family patriarch, recalled how they got to know about their pregnancies and their due dates – which is October.

“I think Neshia [Janeshia] posted first, and I saw her post, and I posted mine about a week or two later,” Courtney said. “She called me and said you’re pregnant, you’re having twins?!”

The two expectant mothers later learned about Melody’s pregnancy, paving the way for the trio to set up a group chat to share their experiences and support each other during their journey.

“We talk about things we’re experiencing during pregnancy; we go to women’s health events together,” Janeshia said, with Melody adding, “And we found out we had the same doctor!”

Melody’s due date is October 3 and she’s expected to welcome a boy and a girl. Harper, who is also expecting a boy and girl, has an October 5 due date while Courtney will follow suit on October 11. She’s expecting twin sons.

Besides this coincidence, Courtney also revealed they actually do not also have any relative who has given birth to twins. “It’s kinda mind-blowing,” she told WLBT. “The first question that people ask is whether twins run in our family, but no one close to us has twins. We kinda just started a generation of twins out of nowhere.”

Prior to their current pregnancies, the cousins had also individually suffered miscarriages – meaning the trio will be giving birth to rainbow babies. And despite having to deal with those miscarriages, the expectant mothers said they’re optimistic and excited about the future.

“A lot of things go through our heads daily, like being a perfect mom, knowing that we’re not gonna be perfect, but the pro of it – is that we get to experience this together,” Janeshia. “I’m not afraid anymore because I’m not alone,” Melody added.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Courtney also said.

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