BY Novieku Babatunde Adeola, 12:16pm June 28, 2018,

[Answers] Test your knowledge of popular African music genres

1. Congolese writer Falli Ipupa is known for which genre of music? Soukous

2. With his song Ramaya, which genre of music is African music legend, Afric Simone best known for? East African Disco                    

3. Regarded as one of Mozambique’s famous music voice, which genre of music is Wazimbo famous for?  Marrabenta       

4. Nigeria’s music legend, Fela Kuti distinguished himself with which genre of music? Afrobeat & Highlife          

5. How many genres of music will identify Grammy award winner, Mariam Makeba with? 5

6. Which is the most popular genre of music in West Africa? Afrobeat

7. Who is the king of music genre, Afrobeat? Fela Kuti

8. Congolese musician, Ferre Gola was known for which genre of music? Marreneta

9. Ghanaian legendary musician, Amakye Dede is known for which genre of music? HighLife

10. South Africa is dominated by which genre of music? Zulu

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