Are African Countries Top Travel Destinations?

Chioma Onyewuchi May 24, 2011

Picture this: you win a contest and as the prize, you get to pick five countries to travel to for free!

You’re excited, exhilarated, and absolutely ecstatic. Then, you pause to take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Of all the countries in the world, where would I really go?”

Are African Countries Top Travel Destinations?Now, you realize it might not be an easy decision. Worse still, you’ve been given only twenty-four hours to decide. So where do you go?

The scenario above is just wishful thinking, a girl can dream, right? But the reasoning behind this question is to find out how desirable it is to travel to countries within African countries. For many of us, the answer to that question would likely begin with several countries in Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas, and Asia. And I wonder if we (and I include myself) forget the wonderful attractions that await us in Africa. From the gorgeous landscapes and the amazing wildlife to rich the cultures, and great nightlife, there’s nothing that Africa can’t offer to its visitors. We sometimes need to be reminded, but we must not forget this.

So Face2Face Africa readers, would any African country be on the top of your list of countries to visit? Why or why not?

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