Black-owned winery repositioning non-alcoholic luxury wines in U.S.

Photo credit: Magnolia Crescent

It all started when the Muhammad family in Georgia decided they needed a leveler that would enable them to fit in the company of friends and family when it’s time to take a sip of a beverage at any social gathering.

Having to explain themselves at such gatherings to friends they do not take alcohol was one of the frustrations Anthony and Kerriemah Muhammad had to contend with any time they joined a corporate event.

Anthony said at a point in time they were conflicted with the thoughts of honoring such events or turning the requests to be among loved ones down.

He disclosed that the uncomfortable moment inspired their decision to create a luxury beverage that does not contain alcohol and would give families like the Muhammads an option at social gatherings.

The Co-founder of Magnolia Crescent Orchards and Non-Alcoholic Winery said they loved to engage in events and time out with family and friends but taking alcohol had always been a barrier to enjoying the occasion.

He indicated that the idea to create the luxury wine was birthed when they visited a winery in the George Mountains. “The experience was surreal and beautiful,” he added.

Anthony said he suggested to his wife the intent of them reproducing the Georgia Mountains’ experience but would not have alcohol. He continued that that ushered them onto the path of developing the first black-owned non-alcoholic winery in Georgia.

He said that they decided to create a product for individuals who yearn for a luxurious non-alcoholic wine because they saw themselves as deserving it.

“We deserved the best. If it’s a wine that we would be taking it ourselves, it should be in the class of top notch,” he added.

Anthony stressed that they wanted to make a strong case for excellence in the winery industry especially being a black-owned business. He said blacks invented luxury and that’s where they want their brand to sit in the minds of consumers.

“That’s black excellence, and that’s where I want a wine to be and I want to be with the black community to share this innovation,” he underscored.

He explained that the thinking behind choosing the name Crescent Orchards for their wine product was for it to represent their black identity.

“That’s how we want to be known. That’s how we’ve been representing ourselves, and we do that because we truly believe that we are to present the best for the best,” he said.

The Co-founder of Magnolia Crescent Orchards said though the business has not chalked a year yet, they are breaking grounds in the arena of non-alcoholic wine beverages.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: August 15, 2022


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