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BY Abena Agyeman-Fisher, 10:41am June 04, 2014,

Boko Haram Kill Dozens More in Church, Military Officials Accused of Supplying Arms to Terrorist Grou

armed women of attagara

While #BringBackOurGirls protestors were welcoming the good news that police had backpedaled in their efforts to ban demonstrations in Abuja, Islamic terrorist sect Boko Haram were allegedly murdering “dozens” of innocent civilians once again, according to BBC News, with troubling information coming out that military officers may be guilty of supplying resources to the group. The killings are likely revenge for civilians, led by women, conducting a successful attack against Boko Haram last week, where scores of terrorists were reportedly lynched.

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Targeting the village of Attagara, which is located near the Cameroonian border, Boko Haram allegedly dressed like the Nigerian military, effectively fooling villagers and leading them in to a church compound.

Once there, Boko Haram reportedly fired on the crowd, killing about 30 people.

In addition, six villages were also raided, causing many homes to be destroyed.

But last week, Boko Haram weren’t so successful.

According to various reports, Boko Haram allegedly attacked armed women (pictured at top) with sticks while ridingJTF arrests

motorcycles. After fighting back, the women reportedly alerted locals as well as a youth vigilante group, resulting in seven terrorists being killed, with many more meeting their demise through lynching. Some reports indicate that some of the women in addition to local talisman were able to briefly “paralyze” the parasitic men in order to protect the women.

Counter Current News reports:

Local residents said that the initial attack happened when the terrorists that the villagers described as Boko Haram came into town on motorcycles. Stories are already building up in the aftermath of the victory, as some locals claim that the men were paralyzed by local talismans protecting the initial women who the men encountered.

The initial women were said to have then gone to their local militia which included a number of armed women, who promptly raced to the scene, repelled and executed the attackers.

Mamman Yakubu, a youth that participated in the resistance, said that they killed the terrorists because Boko Haram members never talk when interrogated, and they did not want to risk any of them getting away.

Meanwhile, unfortunate reports indicate that both generals and military officers have been accused of assisting Boko Haram with firearms and information.

The BBC reports:

“The latest attacks come as the Nigerian army has denied reports that several generals have been found guilty of aiding Boko Haram in their insurgency.

Nigerian media reported on Tuesday that 10 generals and five other senior military officers had been tried before a court martial for supplying arms and information to the militant group.

However, a military spokesman called the reports ‘falsehoods.’

This contradicted an earlier statement by the interior minister, Abba Moro, saying it was “good news” that the army had identified the accused, and that it sent a strong message to other serving officers.”

It has been 51 days since the girls of Borno State were abducted, and while an official revealed last week that the students have been located, no other information has been provided to the public about the government’s efforts to retrieve them.  Meanwhile, Boko Haram continues its lawlessness and mayhem, slaughtering citizens seemingly without impunity, causing many to fight back on their own or face certain death.

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: June 19, 2018


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