Brazilian woman who wheeled dead uncle to bank to withdraw his money is being investigated for manslaughter

Stephen Nartey May 02, 2024
Erika de Souza/Image via Toronto Sun/X

A Brazilian woman named Érika de Souza, 42, is under investigation for manslaughter after authorities said she attempted to take out a loan in the name of her deceased uncle, Paulo Braga, 68.

The Rio de Janeiro Civil Police reported that de Souza was aware of her uncle’s passing when she tried to access $3,250 from a bank on April 16.

“She knew this fact (of death), as he is (in the video) with his head down and without any movement, however, right before entering, she holds him by the neck so that he has his head up, simulating a person alive,” Civil Police chief Fabio Souza said in his findings, which were obtained by TV Globo.

Surveillance footage showed Braga being taken out of a ride-share car at a mall parking lot, followed by de Souza wheeling him through the mall while he remained motionless in a wheelchair, according to Daily Mail. Later, footage showed de Souza standing next to Braga before walking away to the washroom.

A bank employee, unaware of Braga’s condition, approached him when his head tilted backward, only to discover he was deceased. Upon her return, de Souza attempted to offer her uncle a cup of water.

Cellphone footage captured a chilling scene as de Souza prompted her deceased uncle to sign documents, bizarrely urging him, “Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign,” while placing a pen near his hand.

She reassured the bank teller, stating, “He doesn’t say anything, that’s just how he is,” and mentioned taking him to the hospital if he felt unwell.

Concerned by her behavior, bank staff contacted the police. Paramedics were summoned to the bank in an attempt to revive Braga. Investigators discovered that Braga had been dead for approximately two hours, evidenced by visible cadaver marks on his head.

“There is no doubt that Érika knew about Paulo’s death, but, as it was her last chance to withdraw the money from the loan, she entered the bank with the corpse, simulated for several minutes that he was alive, even pretending to give water, took the pen and held his hand close to the hand of Paulo’s corpse,” Civil Police chief Souza said. “However, as the bank employees did not disperse their attention, he was unable to sign.”

The report continued that de Souza had arranged a bank account to access funds from Braga, and she had visited the bank alone to withdraw the approved loan amount. However, the withdrawal was delayed as Braga had been hospitalized until the day before his passing on April 15.

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