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Teen who tattooed boyfriend’s face on neck weeks before breakup finds creative way to cover it up

Jayda Chanel Marie/Photo credit: Daily Mail

A teenage girl, Jayda Chanel Marie, who tattooed her boyfriend Damonte Ray’s face on her neck in February as a gesture of love, has found a creative way to cover it up after their sudden breakup.

She got the image from her boyfriend’s photo after he inked her name above his eyebrow. The unique act was shared online by Damonte, who originally posted a video of his girlfriend getting his face tatted.

After initially tattooing her boyfriend Damonte’s face on her neck, Jayda disappeared from Damonte’s TikTok account for weeks. However, she later reappeared with a different tattoo, transforming the homage to Damonte’s face into a rose, as evident in recent pictures and videos.

Damonte, a trans man, had originally filmed the process of Jayda getting the initial tattoo and uploaded it to his TikTok account. In the video, Jayda is seen posing while an artist begins to replicate the photograph of Damonte on her neck, according to Daily Mail.

In the video that has gone viral, Jayda, dressed in a pink sweater and ripped jeans, lies down to expose her skin for a tattoo transformation. The artist starts his work with the stencil and begins tattooing with a needle.

During the process, Jayda trembles and clenches her fists. Upon completion, she closes her eyes and appears emotionless as the tattooist wipes her skin with a paper towel. The video stirred controversy online, with many questioning the teenager’s decision.

One user commented: “I would have cut my neck skin off cause wtf.”

Another person wrote: “Now she needs a great cover-up artist.”

The couple shared multiple photos showcasing their affection, prominently featuring the bold tattoo on Jayda’s neck. Videos posted by Damonte included scenes of the couple dancing in a bathroom.

However, shortly after the tattoo, Jayda seemed to vanish from Damonte’s online presence. In subsequent posts, she strategically covered the tattoo with necklaces and foundations, indicating a potential shift in her attitude toward the inked sketch.

Following the couple’s breakup, Jayda shared videos on social media, singing to the camera with captions suggesting she was no longer in love. Curious fans noticed the absence of the neck tattoo, and she responded by revealing that the tattoo had been skillfully transformed into a large rose. Despite the change, the tattoo serves as a prominent reminder of the past relationship and its subsequent end.

Following a period of apparent separation, Damonte and Jayda appeared to reconcile, as evidenced by a video posted by Damonte of them dancing together. In the caption, he hinted at their reunion, mentioning other celebrity couples who had gotten back together. Days before, Jayda had posted a series of selfies, acknowledging the judgment she faced for repeatedly returning to the relationship.

She expressed love for Damonte, admitting that others couldn’t understand. Since their reunion, Jayda has been noticeably absent from her own social media, instead regularly appearing in Damonte’s videos.

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