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Breathtaking floating villages in Africa that are worth visiting [Photos]

The stilt village of Ganvie, Benin, is Africa's largest town on stilts, home to over 30,000 residents | Kuriositas

The militaries of this world have a basic mandate to protect nations and its people on land, in the air and on the sea. If by this wisdom, man has moved from merely living on land to the air (with the upsurge of skyscrapers), then there must surely be good enough reasons to have people residing on the water as well.

Stilt communities! Yes, that is how man has innovated living on water and while this is not the only way people have been able to build places of abode on water, these villages or communities have usually attracted a lot of tourists to them.

Tourists are also attracted to these communities because of how long they have existed, the way(s) of its people and its uniqueness amidst the several challenges that could hinder such an ‘unusual’ way of human habitation.

There is pretty much no livestock in places like these but here in these Africa’s stilts on villages, you will be exposed to some very interesting details – details you never knew about them.

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