#BringBackOurGirls: If We Don’t Speak, Then Who Will?

Ijeoma Mba July 02, 2014
Car bomb in Maiduguri

Car bomb in Maiduguri

Car bomb in Maiduguri

In the past two weeks, Nigeria has been rocked by bombings as in Maiduguri (pictured) in addition to the ongoing abductions that have occurred. We have heard of attacks in Adamawa, Kaduna, Kano, the nation’s capital Abuja, and once again Borno, to only name a few.

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The government has been virtually unresponsive when it comes to addressing security.

Many officials, including President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, continue to say that an end will be put to the menace that is Boko Haram, but the endless violence has left many citizens wondering if those are just empty words since the government appears scattered and confused, and its efforts have failed to curb terrorism.

It is embarrassing and shameful that after 79 days, we are no step closer as a nation to bringing back our girls, and not a single person has been rescued.

The girls that are back home and with their families managed to escape on their own.

Why isn’t every single person in government up in arms over this?

Enough is not being done.

The fact remains that the government has not even taken the time to produce the names of the people that have been killed in the attacks or even produce a list of missing girls. These are lives that have been lost and lives that are still in the hands of terrorists. Many government officials seem to lack an understanding of their role in government and struggle with what it means to be a public servant.

Government officials are supposed to work out of compassion for others and the nation, be accountable, be forward-thinking, nonpartisan, and have the courage to speak and carry out their duties objectively. Everyone, including the National Assembly, President, Ministers, Military and related personnel, should be doing all they can to definitively ensure the safety and security of all citizens. Instead, people are dying and communities are under siege. Many citizens are living a nightmare.

However, many of us are hopeful and continue to support #BringBackOurGirls because if we don’t speak, then who will? Every life matters. It could have been any one of us.

And as for the missing girls’ photos that went missing, after police secretly removed them in the middle of the night from Falomo Roundabout, they have since been returned.

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