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BY Abu Mubarik, 11:37am March 19, 2024,

Broderick ‘Hollywood’ Jackson is reportedly the owner of the only Black-owned Motorcycle Drag Racing Cup Series

Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson, the Founder and CEO of Hollywood Drag Racing Production (HDRP). Photos via Black News

Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson is the founder and CEO of Hollywood Drag Racing Production (HDRP), a Black-owned Atlanta, Georgia-based company. He is possibly the only black owner of a professional motorsports series leading Manufacturers Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing Series, Pro Ultra 4.60 Racer with multiple sanctions, and also a former Pro Modified Bike Champion (2009) and a World Record Holder in Pro Mod Bike (2007).

Jackson is seeking to change the face of motorcycle drag racing entertainment by “implementing a unique distribution formula that promotes sustainability for both participants and tracks,” Black News reported.

His company HDRP plans to engage people using Internet marketing, live streaming, and high-quality shows. It hopes to draw a diverse audience to its new media platform if the strategy succeeds. The company’s website currently offers merchandise, live streaming to 35 media channels, and compelling professional content creation.

HDRP further aims to host multiple live-stream events featuring the Manufacturers Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing Series (ManCup), which HDRP purchased in 2022.

In this regard, HDRP wants marketing partners with the greatest production resources/ads with editing skills and branding capabilities that will increase visibility during live-streaming event commercials.

“We want to create a win-win-win-win sustainable model where all parties involved benefit,” Jackson told Black News. “Our aim is to provide exciting racing experiences that are not solely determined by financial resources or influence. By taking a more grassroots approach, we offer our marketing partner the opportunity to connect with loyal racers and fans, thereby opening up new sales opportunities. Furthermore, tracks partnering with us will benefit from marketing distribution and will attract the best motorcycle Drag racers and fans to their events.”

Ahead of the 2024 Racing Season, the 2023 ManCup Series Champions will be awarded the “Hollywood”, a custom trophy in the image of Jackson himself.

“The ‘Hollywood’ came to fruition when my crew member Ira ‘Pinky’ Bowers saw a photo taken at an event of me during the time we were trying to come up with an idea for a trophy for the 460 class HDRP was sponsoring,” said Jackson, according to Black News. “Long story short, for now, the trophy was born and awarded to winners of the 460 class, but since the purchase of the ManCup, the ‘Hollywood’ seemed like a perfect award, with a color change from Silver to gold. NHRA has the ‘Wally’, and the ManCup has ‘The Holly Hollywood’.”

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