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Brooches are not only meant for your bust, here are other creative ways to flaunt them

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Accessories are a girl’s best friend but aside from the staples like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, there is the often-underrated brooch or pin that can easily transform any conservative look to a more contemporary one.

Brooches are an exceptional way to embellish yourself and to add that final glow to complete your look. It is imperative to make an appropriate choice but since the options are limitless, choosing becomes a herculean task.

Everyone is accustomed to wearing their brooch on their bust but there are other interesting pairings.

Check out how a brooch can elevate your outfit with these ideas:

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1. The norm is to wear them on your bust, but how about trying them on your collarbones. It gives the illusion of having on a statement neck piece when you are actually being creative with your brooch.

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2. To accentuate your waist and make your waist appear smaller in your dress, pin your brooch to your waist to do the trick.

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3. Why not pin it to your skirt to give off the impression of wearing a belt without the hustle of trying to keep the belt strap in place.

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4. Wearing a scarf shouldn’t be boring, and there are a variety of ways to rock your scarf. Keep the scarf in place by pinning a brooch to the ends.

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5. Secure your button-less coats with a brooch and whatever your style may be, you may decide to go with the cape-like feel by pinning it closer to your neck or wearing it close to your midsection to create the illusion of a belt with bling.

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6. Embellish your head gears with a brooch to create that chick look. It matches with a beanie, head wrap or your casual go-to hat.

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7. Imagine you have a dinner date but don’t want the hustle that comes with swapping bags for the night. You are in luck; place one or more brooches on your purse to transform it into a sparkly clutch for your date.

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8. Elevate your hair game with bigger brooches for a gala or place a brooch on your hairband to give your ponytail a glittery look.


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