BY Adesewa Oyinkansola, 1:55pm March 24, 2014,

Poem: Buy a Name, Not Gold

Good SamaritanA good name they say is better than Gold
Buy yourself a good name and not Gold
You wonder and ask me why?                A man with gold dies,                             It will never take long,                              For him to be forgotten.                         A man with a good name dies.                   His memories linger on.                      

Buy yourself a good name,                 And you have a golden name.             Buy yourself a good name,                 Your name is priced above gold.         Buy yourself a good name,                You will be of a golden memory.         Buy yourself a good name,                   And it will be said of you that you lived a golden life.                               Buy yourself a good name,                 For only a good name lingers on.    

Oyinksola AdesewaMy name is Oyinkansola Adesewa (pictured). I am 11 years old. I love writing, drawing, painting, designing clothes, dancing, and modeling. I am presently a student of Yaba College Of Technology Secondary School, Yaba-Lagos. I started writing at the age of 6. My first poem book titled “Thoughts of a Child” was published when I was 8 years old through a writing contest. I participated and I did excellently. Presently, I still write and I have written more poems outside the ones in my book.      

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