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BY Francis Akhalbey, 9:00am August 02, 2019,

Celebrating James Baldwin’s legacy with 10 of his greatest quotes

James Baldwin -- Photo via Wiki Commons

Writer, critic and activist James Baldwin lived a life full of words and boldness in his dark skin and beliefs.

Born in Harlem, New York on August 2, 1924, Baldwin spent a large part of his 63 years blessing the world with words, books and a strong belief in who he was with no apologies.

Baldwin started writing about his experiences throughout his life while he faced constant racism and abuse both in school and on the streets just because he was black. Notes of a Native Son was published in 1955, his second publication and one of his most popular books.

Baldwin started his writing career at the age of 13 when he published his first article Harlem-Then and Now in the Douglas Pilot, his high school magazine which he served as editor as well. His passion for writing started in public libraries where he stayed to avoid his stepfather David Baldwin. David was particularly stern on James, a tactic he felt was good to put the first son in order.

James Baldwin is a must-read author who touches on freedom, humanity and social issues affecting African Americans and the Black race in general. His honest opinions are thought-provoking and writing skill makes his reading enjoyable, relatable and unforgettable.

To celebrate his legacy, Face2Face Africa shares with you 10 of his greatest quotes.

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