BY Farida Dawkins, 2:15pm January 22, 2018,

Is Ciara’s ‘level up’ tweet on wives and girlfriends shade or the bitter truth?


Ciara has never shied away from her preference for the “bad boys.” Up until her marriage with Russell Wilson, the singer and occasional model dated and was engaged to rapper/singer Future – with whom she shares a son – rapper 50 Cent, and rapper Bow Wow.

Ciara definitely had a type.  Nevertheless, she saw the error of her ways and re-strategized her dating techniques.  Now, the singer is receiving backlash for a controversial Tweet. Is Ciara’s post shade or the bitter truth?

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The Tweet was a post of a portion of a sermon by Pastor John Gray in which he encourages women who aspire to be wives not to “walk in the spirit of girlfriend.” Simply put, Gray was reiterating that in order to attract marriage, women should already behave as wives before their coveted day.

Ciara’s post with the addition of the hashtag #levelup caused some individuals’ blood pressure to go up. Twitter user @kyalbr stated: “Ciara has posted a video on her Instagram account, generalizing women’s frustration with being single as evidence that they need to first get themselves worthy enough to be selected. ME, preparing for the Hell she’s just unleashed.”

Twitter user @KevCoke6 remarked: “Ciara’s playing a dangerous game. You should never, no matter how perfect your relationship/marriage appears to be, sit on a throne and tell people why they’re not romantically successful. You can be the queen of the ball today and have cake in your face tomorrow!”

Conversely, I see what the Pastor is trying to get across. We attract what we desire by our actions and beliefs. If we say we wish for one thing but behave in ways contrary to that, we’ll get what we prepare for. In my opinion, I don’t think Ciara meant any harm by her post.  It says a lot about a person’s character to admit their faults.  It’s even better when that individual takes the steps necessary to change their patterns and document those phases.

We’ve all fallen short. The important aspect of making mistakes is to learn from them.  It’s an even greater asset to use your experience as a teaching tool for someone else. No matter how you may feel about the Tweet, we can all learn something from another person depending on how we choose to look at the circumstances.

Check out the Tweets below and share your thoughts:

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