Controversial Kenyan pastor loses it during service [Video]

Etsey Atisu June 07, 2019

He is as controversial as it sounds and that is what the majority of Kenyans believe embattled Pastor James Maina Ng’anga Neno of the Evangelism Ministries typifies today, not his clout as a revered teacher of the word of God.

In a video that has gone viral, he is seen telling his bishops that he would eject all of them if they do not heed his warning, since the “church branches have become kiosks.”

“This time round I will show you my power… Any woman who will not respect my wife… You found me here with your wives, you have enriched yourselves from my efforts. Stupid…. arrogant… I was preaching on a cart… I swear before God I will show you who is Ng’ang’a…”

He continues in the video which is mostly in Swahili, that “I want to address you bishops, if you don’t respect my wife I will kick you out of my ministry. It doesn’t matter who you are,” the agitated Ng’ang’a said.

Ng’ang’a won’t be the first pastor from Africa, however, to attract so much controversy around a thing or two that he has done.

One Pastor Alpha Lukau in Johannesburg, South Africa gained a lot of popularity on social media recently when a video of him purportedly raising a dead man back to life, went viral. He faced lawsuits, a probe and social media ridicule for the claim after it was discovered that it was a stunt.

Another example is Pastor Lesego Daniel in Pretoria, South Africa who instructed members of his congregation to drink petrol he “phenomenally” turned into pineapple juice. One particular church service captured on video showed women drinking the dangerous chemical and proclaiming that it tasted “sweet”.

Here’s Pastor James Maina Ng’anga’s Neno of the Evangelism Ministries, going hard on his pastors:

Last Edited by:Victor Ativie Updated: July 7, 2020


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