Dare to Bare!

Bamidele Dipo-Ajayi June 14, 2011

It’s that time of the year ladies! It’s getting heated out there, and it’s time to bare… your legs, that is!

Dare to Bare!Skirts and other clothing are getting shorter, tops are getting skimpier, and we are baring more than we have all year. Some have already broken out in their bikinis, while others are waiting for that pool party or a vacation to the Caribbean Islands. Whatever your choice of outfit, or destination, it is imperative that your skin be at its best, and that you are as hairless as possible… well, unless you are like a friend of mine who loves hair.

She absolutely refuses to shave! I don’t believe that men appreciate hairy legs, and I told her as much, so in honor of those hairy friends, here are a few products that will help you get that smooth skin — whether it is for your underarms, eyebrows, bikini area or legs.

Dare to Bare!

My personal favorite, VEET’s “Hair Removal Gel Cream Pump,” is only $9.99 in most drugstores. It feels good when applied to the skin and it comes off easily. Plus, it is infused with essential oils and a velvet-rose combination to help moisturize the skin and leave it smooth.

Dare to Bare!

These next two products are from BLISS “Ingrown Eliminating Pads,” $38, and “Poetic Waxing Microwaveable Waxing Kit,” $45. The pads are used post-waxing. They contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid, oat extracts, and witch hazel to help prevent those painful bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Men are welcome to use this product as well, post-shave.

Dare to Bare!

Poetic Waxing is fabulous! It comes with pre and post shave oils. The wax comes in a microwaveable cup, and can remove even the shortest hairs from under your arches to your ankles.

Dare to Bare!

SALLY HANSEN’s “Hair Removal Wax Strip Kit,” $6.88, is as easy to use as one, two, three. The kit comes with pre-waxed strips that are easy to use and also great for short hairs. Results last up to eight weeks!

Dare to Bare!

TWEERZERMAN’s “Mini Slant Tweezer, $12.50,” is the perfect on the go tweezer. It’s ideal for makeup and travel bags, and fits into any tiny clutch or tiny budget. The slant is great for general tweezing while the tip is perfect for plucking tiny, hard to grab hairs.

So, are there any go-to products that you use at home to achieve perfectly smooth skin? Do share in the comment box. And help a fellow sister dare to bare!

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