Disinfectants and UV light: The three things Trump has prescribed as cure for COVID-19

Nii Ntreh April 26, 2020
US president Donald Trump has slammed what he calls "critical race theory" in the teaching of American history. Photo Credit: USA Today

US President Donald Trump is one of the many world leaders to whom the COVID-19 pandemic is not a simple public health concern. These men and women, who lead billions of people are also looking to fend off criticisms from their opponents and defend their plans in these desperate times.

But we can also agree that President Trump is not like any world leader right now. As much as people push it, Brazil’s Jair Bolosonaro pales in comparison to Trump.

Bolsonaro is leading popular efforts to disrupt anti-coronavirus health and security plans undertaken by some of Brazil’s state governors. That is bad, but somehow still falls short of what Trump continues to do.

First, the US president called the virus a hoax (which Bolsonaro admittedly did too). And then Trump said the coronavirus was nothing to be bothered about, arguing that the common flu was more dangerous.

And then Trump blamed China, the Democrats, the news media he believes is fake and anyone who predicted that what is currently happening in the US – things will get worse if the federal government hesitated to do what was right.

The criticisms against his management of the pandemic have been unrelenting so, every now and then, President Trump tries to find a way to put across the idea that he knows what all this is about.

So, he prescribed curative medications for COVID-19 even when the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has not and when he has no known expertise in virology.

Here are the three medications Trump has argued would make coronavirus better.

Last Edited by:Victor Ativie Updated: April 27, 2020


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