Dr. Q, dentist to stars like Glorilla, becomes youngest Black dental practice owner

Abu Mubarik August 18, 2023
Quodarrius "Dr. Q" Toney . Photo credit: Ebony

Quodarrius “Dr. Q” Toney, a celebrity dentist with famous clients like Memphis rapper Glorilla, is set to make history as the youngest Black man to have ownership in a private dental practice thanks to a joint venture with Dr. Motoban and Dr. Davis.

He is launching Art of Aesthetics (AOA) in Atlanta’s Brookhaven neighborhood on Saturday, August 19, 2023. According to him, he aims to “deliver an inclusive solution to addressing healthcare stigmas within the Black community through their joint dental practice, Art of Aesthetics (AOA).”

“I want to help people fall in love with their smiles, and I knew I could have a passion for this every day,” Dr. Q said in an official press release. “I can create treatment plans that give patients a say in their care and how they see themselves.”

With AOA, Dr. Q is committing to improving the dental experience for its patients. Besides promoting equal access to high-quality dental care, he is bringing a whole new experience in dentistry through the addition of facilities like Airpod Max headphones, comfortable blankets, and various television shows and musical choices to ease patients’ anxiety during dental procedures.

Growing up, Dr. Q had always wanted to be a doctor. He recalled going to Howard University where he and his colleagues were allowed to connect with doctors so as to learn about the different specialties like optometry. However, when he went to dentistry, he loved it and never looked back again. According to him, he was drawn to dentistry because of the attention to detail of the work.

“I love the way that dentists can serve a patient in a special way. I also love that I’m helping somebody to feel confident and see themselves in a better light. I’ve had patients who’ve been through trauma, domestic violence, car accidents, and being able to serve them as a dentist in a pivotal moment in their life is significant,” he told Ebony.

“What may appear like an inch in one’s mouth is like a mile and makes a huge difference. People stick with their dentist for a long period of time and with my company, we love to connect with people throughout their life while giving them the best care possible. It’s a beautiful profession,” he added.

Becoming a dental practice owner is historic because according to the American Dental Association, in 2022, Black people made up just 4% of the country’s dentists.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: August 18, 2023


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