At 46, Kosea Wambaka is one of Uganda’s most educated men with four master’s degrees and two PhDs

Dollita Okine August 21, 2023
Dr. Kosea Makwasi Wambaka has achieved remarkable success despite humble beginnings. Born in Bugwagi village, Buwasa Sub County in Sironko district,in Uganda, Wambaka faced financial challenges that threatened his education but he managed to rise above them. Photo Credit: Facebook, Dr. Kosea Makwasi Wambaka

Dr. Kosea Makwasi Wambaka has achieved remarkable success despite humble beginnings. Born in Bugwagi village, Buwasa Sub County, Sironko district, Uganda, Wambaka faced financial challenges that threatened his education, but he managed to rise above them.

Today, Wambaka stands as an inspirational figure in Bugisu and Uganda, known for his impressive educational achievements. He has pursued knowledge passionately, becoming widely recognized as a symbol of extensive expertise. His thirst for knowledge has taken him on journeys across the globe as he seeks to expand his understanding and share his wisdom with others.

According to Business Focus, Wambaka is highly regarded in the academic realm, where he has achieved remarkable feats that many can only dream of. Despite facing initial hardships, he has accumulated an astonishing 28 academic qualifications, an accomplishment that reflects his dedication and perseverance.

He earned these qualifications in a short span of time, considering Wambaka’s young age of 46. He possesses a total of seven degrees, which encompass one Bachelor’s degree, four Master’s degrees, and two PhDs.

After his first degree in education in 1999, he did a master’s in economic policy and planning, followed by a Ph.D. in economics. While doing his Ph.D. in economics, he did a master’s in business administration, master’s in international commercial law, and another Ph.D. in management. Wambaka has also earned 17 professional certificates from institutions like Harvard University, Oxford University, and University of California.

The scholar told Monitor magazine that he initially worked as a teacher for two years before joining the Uganda Wildlife Education Center. Afterward, he established his own firm called Strategic Friends International Consultants, and he has since included other sister companies, he said.

Wambaka attributed the growth of his firm to his academic achievements. He emphasized that his educational background has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the business environment, enabling him to deliver consultant services with a well-informed and technically sound approach. His academic accomplishments have equipped him with the necessary skills to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing work environment effectively, he said.

“You have to prioritize resource utilization. I have learnt from economics, and that is why I have invested in education instead of investing in apartments,” he shared.

Drawing upon his wealth of knowledge, Wambaka utilized his expertise to establish the multiple companies that currently operate under the Strategic Group of Companies, which is incorporated in Uganda, Washington, DC, and Hong Kong.

The Strategic Group of Companies encompasses a diverse range of business interests, spanning sectors such as financial solutions, event management, research and development (R&D), and other areas. Wambaka’s entrepreneurial acumen is evident in his ability to create and manage ventures across multiple industries, showcasing his aptitude for business and innovation.

In spite of his impressive academic background, Wambaka has remained humble. “I’m thankful that I’ve managed to achieve more than what many people would wish for,” he said. “But I’m also overly conscious that the world has just begun for me; so I pray that God gives me the life and guidance to serve both my community and country. I’m convinced that if I remain a good example to society, then Uganda has the potential to produce hundreds of Wambakas.”

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