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Euro 2024: Experts say Mbappe may require surgery as broken nose could change his looks forever 

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French professional footballer Kylian Mbappe, who plays for Real Madrid and captains the France national team, suffered a broken nose during a collision with Austria’s Kevin Danso in Monday night’s Euro 2024 match.

Despite initial concerns, 25-year-old Mbappe will not require surgery for now following his injury in the Austria-France match in Düsseldorf. Medics had initially estimated he could be sidelined for at least ten days.

“Ultimately if he can breathe it is not a functional injury,” London-based NHS plastics surgeon Mark Mikhail told MailOnline. Dr. Mikhail noted that while Mbappe might not need immediate surgery for his facial trauma, any cosmetic adjustments should be made within three weeks to avoid undesirable results.

He suggests that Mbappe’s nose may have been realigned shortly after the match, potentially eliminating the need for immediate surgery.

“When a break is really fresh like that because he is playing football and there is loads of adrenaline, they may have had enough mobility to nudge his nose back in place,” he said. “The surgery for a broken nose is often just done a few days later with a local anesthetic, rather than full-blown surgery and they just nudge it back into place,” he added.

Journalist Julien Laurens reported early Tuesday that Mbappe will not require surgery on his nose. French outlet L’Equipe confirmed he left a Düsseldorf hospital late Monday after various tests. The French Football Federation stated the tests were reassuring, indicating no need for surgery.

The French Football Federation also said he has returned to France’s team hotel, where he will be closely monitored by medical staff over the next few days.

In a statement, the federation said: “Kylian Mbappe suffered a broken nose during the second part of the Austria-France held this Monday in Dusseldorf.

“The captain of France was treated first by the medical staff and Dr. Franck Le Gall, who diagnosed him with a nose fracture. Mbappe will receive treatment in the next few days, but he will not undergo surgery in the immediate future.

“A mask will be made for him so that the number 10 of the French national team can prepare for his return to the competition after a period dedicated to treatment.”

The NHS recommends avoiding sports for at least six weeks if there’s a risk of facial impact. However, athletes might opt to wear specialized plastic face and nose guards to return to play sooner while minimizing further injury, according to Dr. Mikhail.

“If the nasal bones are broken, then it will obviously be fragile. Even if the bone is sat in the right place you want to keep it there, so you will want to protect it from further injury,” Dr Mikhail said.

“[A mask] is slightly different to a post operative splint, which is trying to hold it in place, instead this would just try and protect the nose,’ he added.

In most cases, surgery doesn’t happen immediately after a break because the face is very swollen.  

“You generally wait for the swelling to settle down before assessing it and seeing if anything needs to be done,” Dr Mikhail said.

“After the swelling has died down you can also work out whether there is a breathing problem or a deviation that will have a significant cosmetic outcome.”

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