Ever wondered what causes Mauritius’ underwater waterfall illusion?

Ama Nunoo March 06, 2020
Underwater waterfalls in Mauritius, Photo: Ferd

One of Mauritius’ most spectacular illusions is on the island country’s southwest, just off the coast of Le Morne where there is an illusion of an underwater waterfall. Interestingly, it is completely safe to surf and swim in.

This phenomenon occurs in the Indian Ocean and a view of it from a satellite shows how dramatic it is because the images appear like an underwater vortex occurring on the coast of the tropical paradise.

The island country of Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. The volcanic main island of Mauritius is ringed by coral reefs; there are also several smaller islands.

Ruled in turn by the Dutch, French, and British, the country eventually gained its independence from the latter on March 12, 1968 and became a republic in 1992.

Mauritius has become a tourist mainstay on the continent and tourism has been a key factor in its development.

The country’s clear blue waters, long mountain ranges, lush planes, and stunning waterfalls have made it an exclusive tourist destination for many from Europe. The island was once the home of the extinct Dodo bird.

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The mystery of the “underwater waterfall” is explained as sand and silt on the ocean floor running off in a way that makes it look like someone is pouring down a waterfall.

Or there is a giant suction machine that is sucking the whole island down a vast drain. The silt and sand deposits are in perpetual movement.

The theatrical effect created under the water is created by the flow of underwater currents.

Viewing this phenomenon in the turquoise lagoon is breathtaking because the crystal-clear water gives one a very clear view of the effect that is occurring.

“Thanks to this marine topography, various shades of blue are visible, due to the movement of sand and silt deposits along these slopes.

“It is this unique harmony of shades which create the optical illusion which has won so many admirers across the world,” writes culture trip.

However, the best view of the lagoon is from a helicopter and the national carrier, Air Mauritius, has great deals for this unforgettable and picturesque flight.

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