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Face2face Africa Celebrates Maiden Issue of Luxurious Print Magazine at NYC’s Empire State Building

Sandra Appiah | Contributor, F2FA

Sandra Appiah January 17, 2013 at 12:00 am

January 17, 2013 at 12:00 am | Lifestyle

(L-R) Stephen Chukumba from Restless Media, Sandra Appiah, Charles Brunold from Loius Purple, and guest

January 16, 2013- New York, NY- Face2face Africa kicked off 2013 with a big bang, the release of their lavish, high-end contemporary pan-African magazine, F2FA.

The New York based media company last week hosted a release celebration at one of the nation’s iconic landmarks, the Empire State Building, attracting a diverse group of prominent and accomplished professionals from the tri state area.

Speaking on the mission of F2FA magazine to rebrand Africa, the 23-year-old Editor-in-Chief, Sandra Appiah, inspired the packed room with her anectode on growing up in the United States ashamed of her background and being stirred to take action after a transformational return to her country of  birth, Ghana, a few years ago.

Isaac Boateng and Peter Jallah from Newsweek

“F2FA is a dream fulfilled. A dream stemmed from a desire to change the story for someone who is going through what I experienced as a teenager,” she said. The movement, as she calls, seeks to redefine Africa in the modern world and shape black culture.

Sharing the stage with her was the 28-year-old publisher Isaac Boateng, who also touched on the need for the global community to support F2FA Magazine. “If you believe that our mission is important and you want to continue seeing subsequent issues, you simply have to support and spread the word,” he said.

Sandra Appiah with notable playwright, radio host and political commentator Esther Armah

Howard Professor Wheeler Winstead, a contributor, also shared some inspirational words on the important void that F2FA is filling within the pan-african community.  Other speakers included United Nations Representative, Kavazeua katjomuise, Beauty Director Renarda Joy, and Lifestyle contributors Harriet Bensaah and Azuka Onye.

F2FA is now available for purchase online at  and is working its way to global newsstands. Visit the website for the updated stocklist.

Sandra Appiah and Isaac Boateng with model Nneana Agba

The West Coast Launch is taking place on February 1, 2013 in Hollywood, Los Angeles at Café Entourage. Click here for details and to RSVP.

There will also be a red carpet Ghana launch on March 14th at the Moevinpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.  Visit our website regularly for updates.

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Photos by: Alex Borghi

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