Fall Skin and Hair Care Guide

Meghan Reid August 25, 2011

As we all know all good things must come to an end—summer is almost over. That means that fall is coming up quick and winter isn’t too far behind. So what does this mean for your skin and hair? Time to moisturize so you aren’t a dry, flaky mess. The lower temperatures during fall and winter can wreak havoc on your hair causing dry scalp and ashy skin.  Now of course there are ways to stay moisturized and warm during these cold months ahead.

Skin Care Tips:Fall Skin and Hair Care Guide

  • After a hot shower, moisturize with your favorite lotion or oil- the hot shower opens your pores the moisturizer really absorbs into the skin.
  • Use exfoliating body wash and scrubs to remove dead skin- do not use soaps, because they tend to dry out the skin more.
  • Use a lip balm with vitamin E- helps your lips to stay moisturized.
  • After washing your hands use lotion or oil- effectively alleviates any dryness.
  • Also make sure to wear gloves- to protect your hands.

Hair Care Tips:Fall Skin and Hair Care Guide

  • Hot oil treatments- a great way to keep your scalp moisturized and removes dandruff.
  • Use leave-in moisturizers and conditioners- locks in moisture.
  • Wear satin or silk lined hats or scarves- to protect your hair from dryness.
  • Keep your hair braided or in a style- a form of protective styling because wearing it out a lot can be drying and cause breakage.


Following these simple tips will allow you to have an easier fall and winter. The cold weather and harsh winds will always cause some level of dryness, but if you follow these tips you will notice a change. Keep in mind that if you take time out to do the little things you can enjoy this time of the year.


photo credit: forcoloredgirls.com, 22row.com

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