Get the Same look For Less

Meghan Reid August 27, 2011

Every girl loves a designer bag, but the prices can be a little outrageous causing us to shy away from enhancing our style.F2FA Fashion has some tips on how you can achieve the same or similar look for much less.

With fall quickly approaching, satchel, hobo, tote bags and clutches are growing in popularity. Whether you are a woman on the go or just want to add to your collection, you will love these bags.

If you’re looking for a satchel that won’t break the bank then a trip to your local Target can save you some money. The J. Crew satchel is very nice, but a little pricey, while the faux leather Belgo Lux Flap satchel is just as spacious and durable. Both bags are great for work and play, but the Belgo Lux is just as nice for much less.

Get the Same look For Less

For a cute evening bag with a designer feel for less Macy’s may have just what you need. Although Macy’s does have high-end designer bags, there are also affordable ones to complete your look. The two quilted bags below are similar in looks, but not price.

Get the Same look For Less

For a nice tote, both of these bags do the job, but one won’t require you to work extra hours. These bags are a good size for a busy woman on the go and can handle the hustle and bustle of her day. One of these bags was found at Neiman Marcus can you tell which one?

Get the Same look For Less

Fashion shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so hopefully these fall finds will help out your wardrobe and your pockets. With so many designers out there you can easily find great finds for less, you just have to do a little digging. So, where do find your handbags for less?

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