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Fashion News: Flaviana Matata To Start Foundation

By Mazuba Kapambwe

Photo Credit: Favania Matata/Arise Magazine


Tanzanian model and winner of Best Model at the recently ended Arise Magazine Fashion Week Flaviana Matata recently announced that she would be adding another project to her resume – Philanthropy. In a press release provided by Flaviana Matata Foundation the model expressed her joy for being in the spotlight to give back to her Tanzanian community.

“May 21st is always a special and very difficult day for me, my family and the families of thousands who lost their loved ones on that fateful day in 1996, when MV Bukoba sank in Lake Victoria. On that day I lost my mother, but never lost hope. I knew a day would come and will be able to cherish her memory and do something special to honor her life and the life she gave me," said Flaviana in a press release.

Flaviana’s new foundation plans was prompted by a natural disaster that rippled Lake Victoria and caused the deaths of fellow Tanzanians, including her mother, in May 1996.

“I am happy to announce that on May 21st, 2011, I will officially launch the FLAVIANA MATATA FOUNDATION in the honor of my beloved mother. As a former Miss Universe Tanzania, and currently, a model based in New York and Europe, I would like to use my fame to help the most vulnerable in our society… young women and kids,” stated Flaviana.

With the success she has gained from becoming an internationally known supermodel, Flavania has relentlessly pursued her dream to fruition this May.

The foundation will be a life-changing tool for Tanzanians to live life to their full potential. “Flaviana Matata Foundation, a Tanzanian registered nonprofit organization, will give leaders in health, business, government and communities globally the opportunity to be a part of a movement that relies on participation, collaboration and action to reverse child pregnancy rates, and empowering of young women and kids,” remarked Flavania.

Providing a joyful opportunity to impoverised Tanzanians will go on to become her greatest achievement. “I consider this to be my greatest achievement, and gives me joy to see that my mother’s memory has a chance to live forever. This initiative will bring happiness and joy to many that will be touched directly and indirectly by FLAVIANA MATATA FOUNDATION. Please reserve this date (May 21st, 2011) to come and join me in the launch,” concluded Flaviana.

Her foundation may be her greatest achievement but modeling in high fashion designs has become her true passion. When Flaviana is not wrapping up the final touches for her non-profit organization, she can be seen on a newsstand near you.

The former Miss Universe Tanzania has quickly become one of the most sought after African models on the runways and for high fashion magazines like Harper’s Baazar, Glass Magazine, and L’Officiel Paris. She recently posed a breathtaking editorial for ARISE Magazine called “Meet Flaviana” which was photographed by Chad Pickard & Paul McLean.

Flaviana, a class act on her own, has truly become a great example by  using her celebrity platform to help her fellow countrymen. We love that she has found a way to help her country and community and we will be looking out for our invite!


Fashion News: Flaviana Matata To Start Foundation

Fashion News: Flaviana Matata To Start Foundation



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