Five interesting customs only people from Djibouti understand

Ama Nunoo August 09, 2020
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Superstitions have been in existence for ages and are inherent in many cultures. However, in Djibouti, superstitions “have the power to influence social conduct, important decisions and money flow,” according to Culture Trip.

For instance, if you see three lizards approaching you, it means you will get married soon but if you see four lizards headed your way, then death is hovering around you and someone in your immediate surroundings might die soon. Seeing a black cat at night will also bring bad luck into one’s life, they believe.

Some rituals practiced since the Punt Kingdom, which were greatly influenced by the culture of Ancient Egypt, is performed to ward off evil or demonic spirits.

For example, smearing or anointing one’s body with orghee or subag, which is a runny clarified butter, purifies the body from demonic possession. At other times, this same practice is said to bring good luck or is a sign of hospitality, said the report by Culture Trip.


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