Five places in Africa holding the world’s greatest archaeological sites

Mildred Europa Taylor November 26, 2019
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Wassu Stone Circles in The Gambia

The mysterious circle of stones contains about 10 to 25 ‘pillars’ of carefully carved laterite stones given each circle. The number of stones within each circle may vary given location and naturally occurring conditions that may have weathered others away. The stones stand at par with each other and their heights range from about 200cm to 245cm.

Scholars and scientists claim that the Wassu Stone Circles enclose the burial grounds of ancient kings and chiefs who lived in those parts of modern-day Gambia. Other experts have also submitted that the Wassu Stone Circles and all of the other stone monuments located in various parts of the world were erected by the ancient ones to help them understand the nature and movement of the sky above us. They are also said to have been used as a calendar to help keep track of the days and nights, and to assist the farmers of old become one with the seasons in order to be accurate in determining when to plant and when to harvest.


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