Florida woman facing charges after allegedly setting Tinder date on fire

Authorities in Miami, Florida have brought charges against a 25-year-old woman who allegedly set her Tinder date on fire. Per NBC 6 South Florida, the victim said he and Destiny Lenai Johnson established contact on the Tinder dating app on November 16.

He said he subsequently drove to a Holiday Inn Express on N. Kendall Drive to pick Johnson up, adding that they smoked marijuana together before he took her back to the hotel. 

He said he went to the hotel again on November 25 after Johnson got in touch and asked him to come there and pick her up. When he got to the hotel, he said Johnson told him she wanted money to repair her car, per the report. 

He said that when he offered her $60 in cash, Johnson got annoyed and screamed, “You guys are out to get me!”, the report stated. The victim also said a liquid from a one-gallon jug that Johnson went ahead to pour on his car’s front passenger seat smelled like gasoline, adding that the suspect subsequently took out a lighter and set fire to the liquid, the report stated.

This resulted in Johnson as well as the victim and his car being set ablaze. The victim managed to exit the car and put out the fire on him by rolling on the asphalt, the report said, per NBC 6 South Florida. Johnson also took to her heels. But the fire consumed the man’s car.

Police managed to locate Johnson after they were notified about a naked woman with burns on her body. The report also stated that Johnson said she blew a vehicle up. The 25-year-old was treated for her injuries at a hospital before she was taken into custody on Monday.

Johnson has since been charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, and arson.

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